Farmer John CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

We always have Shares for the entire year.  Due to such a huge success for the past 4 years, we offer a “Self Select” option which “You” get to select which items you want for your Share each week. Be it herbs, flowers, fruits vegetables or eggs, as long as we have sufficient time to harvest your request, each week, you will leave our farm with a smile knowing the farmer who grew your Share!!! Prices and volume of produce varies throughout the year depending on many variables which include weather, disease, labor and demand.  For 10 years now, we have had volunteers help with our farm and as a reward for their volunteer work they have free reign to accept our produce as their reward for their work.  Be it working our roadside stand, working our farmer’s markets, working on the farm, collecting eggs, planting plugs, planting seeds, weeding, picking produce or whatever we need to have done to provide produce to the community, its a Win/Win contract!